“I met Vaishali at the start of my yoga journey...

Yoga was, and still is, an enjoyable way for me to include fitness in my life

Two years later, my father had a life changing health event, so I quit my job and moved away. 

My fear was at an all time high. 

Speaking with Vaishali gave me the courage to to ask for the salary I deserved, instead of accepting only what was offered. 

She helped me to shift that fear away, and now I refuse to accept less than what I deserve. Vaishali was key to helping me to move fear out of my headspace. 

While my journey involved my profession and types of work, anyone that wants more from life personally, mentally, or emotionally, is also perfect for this type of work. 

Contact her today. You will not regret it.”

-Virgina G

"She gives me the tools, the techniques...that work for me."

"The mental health has improved a lot...confidence has improved."

"I have been able to find more time and
capacity in my day and I feel I am in control."

When I heard of ORA, my work life balance was very off keel. I am 33 years old and have two kids under age 5. There was so much going on in my life and my habit of not being disciplined or routine-oriented – I was completely overwhelmed. I could not enjoy the day – I wasn’t feeling present in the moment with my kids and family. It was affecting my mental health – the last 2 years its been pretty bad. I have felt reactive and angry or just plain stressed all the time.

With the ORA Experience, I have been able to find more time and capacity in my day and I feel I am in control. I have learned that breathwork connects to mindset. I know this is transformative for me and I have definitely found value. Vaishali made me really realize that the way I speak about myself and treat myself – how the things that have happened in the past have impacted my life and why that leads to how I speak and perceive what is happening. 

I have learned that I can self-manage stress. What she teaches is not a quick fix – it was literally a journey. It took a look at my whole self and respected that journey. I am moving on to ORA Integration because we really clarified my goals and areas I can get better at and now I want to learn how to do that. I have a mindfulness practice that will support that deeper journey. 

Being able to do this means everything to me. I feel like this is really going to just level set and just keep me grounded and remind me what’s important in life. I want to learn how to be in the present no matter what is happening around me and that’s what I want to teach my kids.  

I have also been able to re-evaluate old relationship patterns with my family that have caused me strife and hurt. I have learned to step back and be fully aware of my predictable patterns of thinking.  

-Sabuhi, age 33

"I have learned the power of silence and no longer feel silenced."

“Vaishali has an amazing energy and one wants to be connected with her – the way she explains and she understands. She is very supportive and I can totally see anyone benefit from how she leads you through this journey. 

I have grasped that I have an opportunity to undo some of my own habits and be able to be a better role model to my kids – that I can permanently change the course of their life experience and set them up to not adopt my habits and be far more successful. That to me – is so empowering and worth it. The connection between my breath and my mindset everyday is a very transformative lesson. It changes the course of my day. 

I have learned the power of silence and no longer feel silenced. This journey is great for anyone – whether you are being led by your stress and need to find or rediscover your purpose OR want to learn how to strengthen control over your own thoughts. It grounds you and makes you look inward and outward. It opens up your mind and your perspective to change the way you view things that you are challenged with. Everyone is struggling with something or has some need – this program helps you become a much better person if not best version of yourself.”

– Sabuhi, Age 33

"I’ve been speaking up and not letting my past influence my present and future."

“Lately I feel very stable and rooted. It’s probably the most calm and comfortable I’ve ever felt with “me”. My manager mentioned that for work that usually takes one year, I have accomplished it in six months. 

My confidence has definitely risen not only at work but in all aspects of life. I also identify distractions and consciously do not let those distractions get in the way of my goals. I am more in touch with what I like and dislike, how to read others and what feels authentic to me. 

I’ve been speaking up and not letting my past influence my present and future. I step outside of ‘Me” and look at myself. 

Now I see a calm, strong, confident young man who is striving for new heights and goals and ambitions he once thought were not possible.” 

– San, Age 44