Hi, I'm Vaishali.

I have cultivated a fulfilling career helping large organizations and their people design and implement change successfully. 

I am inspired to have built and empowered world class teams to get from point A to point B in eight different verticals. I have also shown prowess for understanding people and cultures having led global initiatives outside Canada in the US, Australia, UK and Asia.

Alongside this trajectory, I have cultivated a complementary and powerful journey in the space of teaching others how to integrate physical, mental and emotional fitness as a way of proactive well-being over the last two decades.

I have found that this journey has been fueling success in every other aspect of my life.

You will discover that I have vast experience in how practicing mindfulness and fitness helped me and others manage stress, while also forming meaningful relationships and achieving both personal and professional goals.


Anvaya Life Journeys, Inc.

I have been able to free the energy that daily stresses consume for so many of us and redirect it to being more present in the conversations, choices and decisions that really matter.

As I continue to integrate my practice with the demands of my daily life, I have uncovered amazing ways to shift the paradigm on how to take full responsibility and ownership for one’s complete life journey.  

My corporate credentials and experience can be found on LinkedIn.

Anvaya Life Journeys, Inc. is my service offering to individuals, teams, and youth who are looking to find or regain their footing, recover morale and redefine success. 

I strive to be a model servant leader who people and clients look to establish clarity and inspiration in times of chaos. 

I teach others on how to unleash the power of mindfulness practice to transform the way they operate, communicate and manifest the way forward.

I invite you to meet with me to discuss your unique situation.

My work and qualifications in
mindfulness and self development

I was born and raised in Kenya. When I was 17 I moved to Canada, a place I now call home. I have three children ages 25, 22 and 13.
  • MBA, Strategy & Operations, York University
  • Certified PMP, PROSCI Change Mgmt practitioner
  • Certified “Excelerator” Coach
  • 30-year corporate leadership/consultant career across 8 industries in Business Transformation & Change Management
  • Global exposure: Canada, US and Asia
  • Mentor: PMs, MBA students & young professionals, Immigrants
Beyond my professional experience, I’m grateful to have had a variety of profoundly impactful experiences.

  • Competitive Swimmer, Indian Classical Dancer
  • Contemporary Dancer (1990-2011)
  • Art of Living Foundation – Practitioner (2001)
  • Alliance Certified Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (2011)
  • Wim Hoff Practitioner (2018)
  • Voice of Vedas – Youth Counsellor (2019)
  • Isha Foundation – Practitioner/Volunteer  (2023)
  • Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening  “Teacher of Presence” (2023)
  • Yoga & Meditation Practitioner (20 years)
  • Mountain climber, Watersport nut, Kickboxing addict, Tennis, Scuba-diving & Snowboarding student