Anvaya Movement for Individuals

“I have grasped that I have an opportunity to undo some of my own habits and be able to be a better role model to my kids – that I can permanently change the course of their life experience”

The world’s most successful people have discovered exactly the right mindfulness practice for them. A practice that enables them to cast doubt aside and allows their creative energy to boldly allow solutions to become more apparent and possible.

Many people have trouble finding a practice that reveals what truly holds them back, integrates best with their life journey, and manifests what they value most for their future.

Whether you are a working professional or a caregiver to others or have reached the pinnacle of your career, our 5-week flagship ORA Experience is designed to uncover sources of power and limitations that play a part in whatever future goals or aspirations you hold close to your heart. 

In ORAe, we work one on one with you to design and implement a daily mindfulness practice that visibly shifts your perception and response patterns towards the changes you wish to see for yourself.

“Now I see a calm, strong, confident young man who is striving for new heights and goals and ambitions he once thought were not possible.”

How ORA Works

The ORA Experience is Anvaya’s foundational service offering aimed at co-creating a tailored mindfulness and self-awareness practice based on each person’s unique life journey and goals.

It is founded in the study of each person’s journey in terms of conditioned thinking, emotions, beliefs and values and how all of those produce repetitive patterns in behaviors, decisions and outcomes.

“ORAe is for anyone who wants to go through this life with the heart of a child – unhurt – still fresh.”

Post ORAe Support & Progression

After the ORA Experience, you can choose to remain connected to our community that helps support your daily practice OR you may continue to the next level of introspection and activation by enrolling in the 12-week ORA Integration Program ORAi.

In  ORAi, we do a deep dive into the area of human skills development that will best support your future direction. These can include modules like discipline, habit formation, decision-making and communication. 

ORASM Experience Case Study

How will ORASM Help You Immediately?

  • Develop a tangible, relatable, forward focused daily mindfulness practice
  • Uncover your Unique Life Journey so you can focus on your highest priority goals
  • Gain awareness and a sense of control over the limited beliefs that continue to hold you back in specific situations
  • Elevate your clarity & connection with the shift you are looking to make
  • Find balance with a support structure to help you evolve your practice 

How Will ORASM Help You For The Rest Of Your Life?

  • Greater resilience and power to control the unnecessary noise created by your limited beliefs and judgements of others
  • Reduced emotional and mental burden so you can  direct more energy to create life balance, personal fulfillment and confidence in all things
  • Reduced the cumulative effect of daily stressors as you practice healthy detachment