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ORA Teams – “The Human Gateway To Reviving The Corporate Ecosystem”

The People Equation



50% of workers report high/extreme stress levels (2023 American Institute of Stress)|

Quiet Quitting


59% of the global workforce is quiet quitting (2024 Deloitte Human Capital Report)



Neurodivergent workers are 30% more productive as they possess exceptional thinking skills. 20% of the population is neurodivergent (Sept 2023 Make a Difference study)

Mental Health


51% of workers who report “feeling stuck” due to multiple social conditions such as disconnected team settings seek to improve their circumstance but do not know how (2023 Oracle &Workplace Intelligence Study)

The Leader Equation



Only 58% of boards and C- Suite are confident they know how to manage the risk of human sustainability by focussing on employee mental, physical, financial and purpose-driven well-being (2024 Deloitte Human Capital| Report)



76% of leaders consider human sustainability important. 46% are doing something about it and 10% are doing it very wel. The gap represents the opportunity to meet desired human and corporate performance outcomes (2024 Deloitte Human Capital Report)

Perception Gap


89% of leaders feel they are addressing human sustainability – only 41% of workers agree (2024 Deloitte Human Capital Report)

Why do organizations need to care about Human Sustainability?  

The workplace has changed in a multitude of ways that requires our people to possess much stronger human skills: 

  • Remote working and virtual collaboration
  • Epic levels of generational diversity in the workforce
  • Imperative to embrace the value that the growing neurodivergent talent pool
  • Highest levels of mental health illness, stress, anxiety and quiet quitting
  • Oncoming large-scale disruption like artificial intelligence

If you, like so many other leaders, already see the importance of reinventing the employee (and customer) value proposition, consider this:

The two main people management challenges organizations are having today are: 

  • talent retention based in declining employee trust and engagement
  • upskilling talent to respond to the accelerated pace of change in the business landscape


Organizations that are successfully closing the employer-employee alignment gap and making trust the currency between them, and their employees are:

  • Investing in creating sustainable, psychologically safe environments for their people 
  • Seeking an understanding of the unique value systems of the multitude of embedded micro-cultural diversities that contribute to business outcomes
  • Proactively providing people access to effective resources and opportunities to develop human capabilities that promote self management of their wellbeing, employee experience and performance.
The Anvaya Movement delivers proactive human skill development solutions to organizations in two ways:
  1. ORA Experience: Our 5-week ORAe program for individual employees as part of their wellness benefits – You can learn more here.
  2. ORA Teams: A full team mindfulness development program that teams can embark on together

“I feel very stable and rooted. It’s probably the most calm and comfortable I’ve ever felt with “me”.
-ORA Human (2023)

Transform Your Team's Potential

“It opens up your mind and your perspective to change the way you view things that you are challenged with.”

-ORA Human 2024

Are you seeking to elevate team dynamics and enhance workplace culture?

Learn how Mindful Team Development can fundamentally change the narrative of your organization’s productivity and well-being.

Key Benefits

  • Harness Contextual Awareness: Teach teams to continually shift and expand their perception for unparalleled adaptability.
  • Master Mindfulness: Equip teams with mindfulness tools to foster personal growth and collective coherence.
  • Promote Positive Traits: Instill discipline, empathy, and supportiveness to stay present amidst challenges.
  • Creativity and Curiosity: Unlock the potential for innovation within your organization through targeted practices.

What Makes Organizational ORA Human Teams Different

  • Versatile Implementation: Tailored for all organizations, deployable top-down or bottom-up.
  • Rapid Impact: Witness swift, positive changes in team behavior and attitude.
  • Strategic Alignment: Bridge business strategy directly to individual and team performance.
  • Holistic Approach: Pave the way for a well-rounded, creative work culture that unites all employees.

Who Organizational ORA Human Teams Is Perfect For

  • HR Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Leaders & Owners
  • Organizational Coaches

“When I employ my mindfulness practice, I become aware that I cannot lead with negativity or doubt.”

-ORA Human 2023

Mobilize our teams towards resilience

Courageous, confident and healthier people embrace change better. There is flurry of more life-size change coming down the pipe for our people and organizations. Are your people ready with everything they need to weather the storms of AI and more economically challenging times? And it takes just a couple of people on a team to not be able to do this for the success of the whole team to be compromised. 


If you are a people leader who is really invested in how to address the elusive but real damage that quiet quitting or the mental health epidemic is doing to the performance of your teams, its probably a good idea to look at giving people proactive self-care tools. This will empower them to develop human skills that will better every aspect of their lives. It will show them you are in this WITH them. 


It’s a holistic approach to career development that helps them strengthen their emotional and social intelligence which helps them change their perception of their daily work experience. This is one of the ways we create human sustainability in the workplace and it leads to TRUST – that which we all are struggling to regain after the pandemic.


The Anvaya Movement literally wants to energize and mobilize our teams towards becoming resilient change drivers and adopters. Our ORA Teams offering is an amazing and unique team experience that leads to more cohesion, understanding, positivity and creativity – all of which leads to a focus on building and implementing solutions that stick.

ORA Teams Snapshot (PDF)

Can we make human sustainability core to overall corporate strategy? 

Today’s organization faces two main people challenges: talent retention and upskilling talent to respond to the accelerated pace of change in the business landscape. 

Organizations that successfully make trust the currency between them, and their employees are providing the resources and opportunities to develop human capabilities to continually improve wellbeing and performance. 

These organizations are closing the employer-employee alignment gap by co-creating people practices that acknowledge the multitude of embedded micro-cultural diversities that contribute to business outcomes.