"This Mindful hour was exactly what I needed, your pace and the information you shared taught me so much. I'll be back every week." -From a live attendee.

Join Vaishali Joshi in this enlightening session that will help you understand how to better achieve mindfulness in your life. 

In this reflective series, the audience is invited to embrace the wisdom of the reed, which, unlike a rigid oak, bends in tumultuous winds and thus survives.

Vaishali guides us through a mindful meditation, focusing on the breath and gratitude, inviting listeners to acknowledge life’s impermanence and the soul’s enduring journey. 

 Through observation of others and ourselves, we develop empathy and understanding. The discussion on smiling is profound, suggesting that a genuine smile can convey acceptance, joy, and empathy, lifting the spirits of both the giver and receiver. 

 The video closes encouragingly, reminding us that, just like the reed, we can endure life’s challenges and find reasons to smile, sharing positivity even amidst adversity.